Creality CR-10 Smart Klipper Firmware with internal Creality Box

It worked with the printer I reviewed here:

If Creality did another cool switcheroo for the board, it probably won’t work

Great review! Yup, at some point this year Creality changed the mainboard in the Smart, and started putting in the same one as the Smart Pro.

So you can load Smart Pro firmware on the currently sold Smarts, but the configs won’t work as there are differences in pinouts and probably a lot different in the daughter board on the gantry.

Anyone buying a Smart with the newer board (CR-FDM-v2.4.s1) has basically no non-stock firmware options at this point, until we have a working config for the steppers and sensors.

That’s my conclusion about the general situation anyway, after getting frustrated with how basic the Smart stock fw is, getting excited about your work with Klipper, and then back to square one because they did a board swap. :frowning:

…although, I’m still hoping someone will chime up here, telling us they have klipper fw running on the new boards! There are some hints about this in this thread, but nothing concrete, and no confirmations or denials so far…if anyone got klipper going on Smart with CR-FDM-v2.4.s1, please speak up!

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I am working on this now…
This seems to be a very helpful lead at klipper issue pr 5621 which is focused on the Sermoon v1

Note the images of the board show an STM32F401…

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nevermind… my board is CR-FDM-v2.5.S1_100 and is indeed a STM32F103

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Despite trying to compile my own klipper.bin file multiple times, the power would not stay running…
I tried enable pin PA0/!PA0 etc with no luck
I found a google drive link which I cant post here with a working klipper bin file for CR10 Smart Pro for the sonic pad…
I will try to circle back to compiling after/if I get the rest of it working…

Hello. Can someone who has new cr10 smart board post the picture of cables connected to motherboard especialy where is z optical switch connected. My old board crc 2405v1.2 is not working so i want to put new board like in smart pro