3D print not filling?

  • 3D Printer Model: Ender3v2

  • Slicer: Prusa Slicer

  • Hardware Setup: Ender3v2 with extruder fan and nozzle upgrade

  • Problem description: I am getting a shaky wobbly first layer with my prints on this ender3v2. Even the cube i printed just isnt solid half way through the print. I havent used this printer in about a year and want to change that but i am running into this issue.

  • What I tried: I lowered the bed , homed the bed, used glue for adhesion, i changed out the nozzle and made sure the hotend was clear of filament (which helped a bit).

You say you have cleaned the hotend but… what does this mean exactly ?

Seems to be a partial clog so I advice you to clean it again all the way from the nozzle to the extruder. Ensure there are no filament debris inside the heatbreak. Use a 2.5mm drill bit for the purpose but do it manually.

In case your printer uses a PTFE tube, check it is OK and not damaged and if so, replace it.

Another possibility would be wet filament, try a new roll and see if it makes any difference.

And finally, check that the extruder filament tension screw is not that tight as to prevent filament from moving through it.