3D print not sticking after print has begun

I am new to 3D printing especially filament printing. I have an Anycubic Kobra I got it all set up last night and was trying out the owl.gcode print that comes with it. The print started to stick to the bed but then within the third layer it stopped sticking. HELP ME PLEASE!!! Lol

Try this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWBJ-H0To9U&t=178s
Also, make sure your bed is super clean!

What’s best to clean the bed with?

What temperature and material are you printing with ?

I guess that you are printing PLA.


Clean and level your bed.

205º HOTEND, 55 BED.

20mm/sec first layer printing speed.

Layer fan OFF for the first 3 layers.

Layer fan 70%

Bed warms up to 200 and nozzle goes to 60 and yes I am printing PLA

how do i change my settings to try what you said

I had those temps backwords lol

In order to choose desired settings, you need to slice whatever the model in the slicer of preference. I recommend Orca Slicer:

This procedure generates a “gcode” file which “stores” all the information regarding the print process that you would then send to the printer for it to start printing.

If the gcode has already been generated, the information is already there and the only way to change this information is to edit the gcode file, which is just text, but since there are so many parameters you better generate a new one. This is what a slicer is for.

I downloaded the slicer you suggested but it does not the basic Anycubic Kobra it only has the one before and the Kobra 2. Is it ok that I chose Kobra 2 as my printer?

I guess so but you can also choose generic.