Adding touch screen

  • 3D Printer Model: Ender 3 Neo
  • Slicer: cura
  • Hardware Setup:
  • Problem description: Cant get the firmware to load on the Creality touch screen
  • What I tried: So yup I’m as green as can be but know just enough to screw up. I purchased a Creality 4.3 touch screen for my new Ender3 Neo. Formatted the sd card in Fat 32, set allocation at 4096. loaded the bl touch screen file 4.2.2 from the cloud for my 4.2.2 MB and loaded the sd card. Placed the card in the MB slot, powered on the unit and NOTHING! Only had the Creality screen, Please help.

Thanks in advance

Is there an sd card slot in the back of the touchscreen.? You may have to use that one first