Anti-backlash nuts, X-axis leveling, Print Quality

CR10S Pro V2
Creality Slicer (Cura)
I didn’t use my new printer for years. It printed great right out of the box. When I got it back out I was getting zero bed adhesion. I decided to take it a bit more seriously and looked up ways to tune it up and level it. X-axis was top of the list. I noticed it was sagging on the left when the power was shutdown, so I installed backlash nuts.

After the nuts were installed I would get a rubbing sound on the left side and it would go back to unlevel immediately. I have the screws that hold them on loose as directed. I have spring washers between the nut and the printer. It must have always sagged but printed fine before. I was able to get it to print (yay) but now the quality is really bad compared to what it was and I don’t where to go from here. Sorry for the long post. Just trying to offer as much info as possible.

TL;DR what mechanical issue would cause the issues seen in the picture?

Current output: