"Arachne" slicing algorithms -> dynamically varying line width

Hi guys,
beeing a 3dprintbeginner fan also made me a IdeaMaker fan.

Now I just came across videos about the new “Arachne” slicing algorithms that Cura and PrusaSlicer implemented recently:

What do you think of it?
Have you played with it yourself already?
Is it worth to install and “learn” Cura or PrusaSlicer for this (I only use IdeaMaker so far)? Which one would you choose/recommend?
Can we expect IdeaMaker to get an Arachne implementation in the future?


I started migrating to Prusa Slicer a few months ago, as it has more development than IdeaMaker.
I still use IdeaMaker from time to time, but Prusa Slicer works great for me now :slight_smile:
So I recommend starting with it.

I don’t recommend Cura, as it’s always updating and changing stuff. Not as reliable as PS, and it’s also hard to import profiles to it.


I installed and configured PrusaSlicer version 2.5.0-alpha3 (to have Arachne) and did some first test prints yesterday.

The first impression is really good!
But I still need to get comfortable with all the basics and didn’t really test Arachne yet.

Have you tried/compared the Arachne algorithm already?

I’ve played with the beta, but not too much, as I didn’t have too much time for it.
It’s a bit faster, and I like how the lines are now printed. An improvement for sure :slight_smile: