Artillery SX1 Y-axis stutter

  • 3D Printer Model: Artillery SX1
  • Slicer: NA
  • Hardware Setup: NA
  • Problem description: Y-axis stutters / doesn’t move. The bed / axis can move freely without obstructions when the motor is disabled.
  • What I tried:
  • measured the cable
  • removed all the glue from the contact pins on the mainboard
  • installed a new connector as the glue was also on the inside of the connector
  • measured again
  • swapped the stepper drivers

Printer is 1 year old. I had the same issue when the printer was 2 weeks old. Fiddling with the cables temporary solved it. But the issue came back after a while. Sometimes 1 print, sometimes a few days. After 1 month of requesting support @Artillery, they’ve send me 1 new stepper driver and 1 new motherboard. But I never installed it as the problem disappeared automatically for almost a year. The driver isn’t the issue because if I swap the driver with the one from the X-axis, the issue persists on the Y-axis.
The issue never happend during a print only when starting a new one, so a loose connection doesn’t seem to be the issue either.
I’m reluctant on changing the mainboard as the Artillery glue guy went to town on my printer and only removing the connector of the Y-axis took me an hour! And yes even with using IPA to soften the glue.

So what’s your guys opinion? Probably the mainboard? As I have spare one, should I install it or if I’m going thru the effort anyway should I install a new 32-bit board like the SKR?


If you already have a spare board, then I would do the swap and see what happens.
The process shouldn’t take more than 2-30 minutes.

:triumph: Swapped the board. Same issue! I moved the stepper jumper from X with Y. I already did tried this before, but now if I press to move Y, the toolhead runs smooth and if I press to move X, the bed still stutters. So its most definitely a faulty stepper. Which I presumed in the very beginning, but Artillery guaranteed me it was not. Now off course the warranty expired 2 weeks ago. A new stepper doesn’t break the bank, but still. Also a couple off weeks ago I made a ticket telling them 1 of the leveling screws came loose from the bed and still no reaction nor any reaction if I mail them directly.

Glad I didn’t order those Hornets!

Anyway, makes me wonder if anybody has files to convert an SX1 into a switchwire? :thinking:

New stepper arrived. I thought lets be smart and before installing it I just connected it to the cable. Pressed to move the Y and it ran smooth. So I continued with swapping it. Turned on the machine and :exploding_head: it started stuttering again!!! Checked the wiring for thru put and no issue. So I connected the old stepper directly onto the connection of the Z-stepper. Pressed the button and it ran smooth! WTF. So it could not be anything else except for the cable as this was the only consistent thing in the whole process. So instead of measuring the cable on the exposed metal parts I took a needle to really insert it into the contacts and measured directly on those. And what do you know, one of the wires didn’t work. So I pulled out the wire with pin and sure enough there was hotglue in it!. So I’ve cut off the contact and crimped a new one on it and now it works flawlessly. So seriously somebody needs to throw that guy at Artillery thru the window. All this was caused due to a bad connection which was my first thought since the beginning. I still can’t believe why it never happened during a print.

Well, It’s good you finally figured it out. Stuff like this can happen if not enough time is spend with QC