Bambu Studio Fine Tuning: Tips and Tricks for X1 and P1P

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There’s no denying that the Bambu Lab printers are fast and able to produce great print quality. But I noticed that some aftermarket filaments are not as user-friendly when it comes to printing them fast. Most of the time, the printer either prints too fast and the filament can’t keep…

Great writeup! I am trying to finery e my settings for generic silk pla and was wondering about the adjustments for printing something like a vase with a lot of holes. I tried different volumetric flow adjustments and min later times but can’t seem to get flow and speed in the green

I’ve been trying to absorb all the discussions about settings. I’m very confused about Minimum layer time. I’ve printed many small objects since I got my Bambu, I’m 100% sure that it does not take 8 seconds to print layers, especially towards the end of a print when it’s finishing off details. It absolutely prints these layers in under 1 second.

So what am I missing?

I see people on YouTube printing gorgeous models that look flawless. I want that and I’m willing to work for it.