Bed level sensor below nozzle (Ender 3 S1 Pro)

Hello all,

i have anoying problem. I have bought new Ender 3 S1 Pro and I think my bed level sensor is below nozzle (aprox. 0,5 mm). When I start printing it keeps hooking the printed border around the object being printed, pulling that border off and sticking it to the object and ruining everything. I think this is also why I have a problem adjusting the level of the bed. I uploaded 3 videos on youtube, where you can see what im talking about, but rules dont allow to share them.

Maybe there are some ways to adjust it, somehow raise that sensor higher or lower the needle. The printer was bought new and I did not adjust anything, I just assembled it as shown in the instructions.

I have one photo where you can see how sensor ruins the begining of printing:

Help :frowning:

I have the ender 3 v2 and mine was doing the same thing. I noticed that when it was printing the filament was not being put on the plate so to speak but floated over the plate and about 1cm away from the nozzle if finally came in contact with the plate. To fix this I adjusted the height of the plate slightly by about 1mm so that the filament was put directly onto the plate.

I’ve got exactly the same problem.