Best 3D Printing Surfaces for your 3D Printer

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Since I started 3D printing, bed adhesion was one of the most common topics I’ve seen online. Most people have issues with bed adhesion, and most of the time it’s caused by improper bed leveling. But there are other cases where the print surface is not the right thing for…

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What is the original magnetic flexible sheet made of that comes with the KP3S? Is it the same as buildtak? Anyway, I bought PEI springsteel sheets for my KP3S as well, but haven’t used them yet as the originals are holding up quite ok. Some sticky PLA leaves some residue, but nothing some boiling water doesn’t fix.

The original sheet for the KP3S is a magnet with some plastic coating on the top. Not sure what it’s made of.

Another excellent article from 3DPrintBeginner. Learned new tricks and also tried the textured carbon fibre PVC foil. Damn, it works and leaves a great looking surface. Thanks.

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