BLV MGN build and experience

she’s aliiiiive :sweat_smile:


some PID tuning and other calibrations ahead of me


one important finding, those XY motors are crazy noisy, not sure why but it seems common problem with duet 2 wifi board even if with modern drivers :man_shrugging:

That’s how noisy those drivers are. Not much can be done about it.

yeah unfortunately…
I planned to go klipper later on so maybe it’s time to prepare everything for conversion and upgrade the board at the same time, another $50 but what can we do :man_shrugging:

at the end it’s not that bad during operation but sure more noisy than with modern 3d printer oriented drivers…
Someone said light it up :thinking: ? sure thing…


but didn’t said anything about scratching the surface :man_facepalming: :sweat_smile:

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great progress with that annoying sound coming out of XY motors, swaped them to standard 1.8 degree and it’s gone, just gotta buy new motors as original are 48mm version and I had only 40mm version laying around
X gantry also changed from MGN9H to MGW7H, unfortunatelly with alu profile for now, that 9H was flexing too much causing extra ringing on Y axis, waiting for Mellow to let me know if they are able to produce carbon version with new holes
and finally redesigned hotend with 2 fans and fan ducts to increase the air flow for higher speeds, new heatblock, cartridge and thermistor, so far it performs well :+1:


I didn’t update this thread for a while so time to post my current stage…

Klipper is running and hopefully is optimised to the stage I don’t need to do any other significant changes.
if anyone’s interested I can post my config files even if there’s no compatibility guaranteed due to changes to the hw


Electronics wise, I’m running Fysetc spider V2.2 with Rpi 4B atm as replacement to the old Duet 2 Wifi board and must say it’s significant upgrade in almost all areas
In terms of HW, as shown on below picture toolhead is nearly finished to the final stage except I’m planning to install toolhead board to exchange cable shroud with ribbon cable
Cooling is also upgraded with CPAP tube and high speed turbine according to the Simon Vez instructions from his VZbot printer.
350x350 milled bed has been finally installed to increase the build volume and of course carbon fibre X gantry with MGW7H is back in operation after new delivery from Mellow


I don’t plan to do any other HW changes before Ben’s ready with his design and release of the metal kit vol.2 and I can’t wait to see those coming cuz these are significant upgrades to the motion system, hopefully with positive result…we shall see

Metal Kit II update

Looking great!. Also, that metal kit looks quite awesome.

definitely, if you look into that link about new metal kit you’ll see how much time and research Ben spent on it, impressive…