Cheap and versatile 3d printer for beginner?

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Is there a cheap and versatile 3d printer that a beginner would be able to us easily? I wanted to get into it and thought this would be good. Maybe list it on one of those hubs when I understand how it works and make things for moneys for people. Recoup my cost of purchase.

I haven’t reviewed the SOVOL SV06, but I don’t think you can get a better printer for around 250 USD

Most people that used it seem to be happy with the results they get

What is a filament dryer? And can this print all available kinds of filament? And is what is the maximum size of an object it can print? Is it sufficient for most purposes? Is there anything it’s lacking that could be useful? I’m fairly new to this but I don’t wanna have to buy one twice. Also are replacement parts available? Sorry for the questions but idk what I’m doing In this area much/at all. Just the basics of 3d printers and a good amount about computers and electronics.

It might look like I am biased, but the recommendation is also a SOVOL Dryer

This one is the only filament dryer I tested, so take that however you want. But I think it’s useful to have the possibility of using 2 spools at once and the price is decent.

So a dryer let’s you use two at once?

This particular dryer has room for two spools.

Ender 3 V2. Got mine as a Birthday present. Got it refurbished on Ebay with a 1 year Allstate plan for about $185.

If you haven’t bought one already, I would say get the Ender 3 v3 SE. It has a direct drive extruder (basically, you will be able to print flexible filament), auto bed leveling, and it can print at 250mms (that is insanely fast).