Complete novice questions - 2 color printing?

I’m scheduled to receive my new TwoTrees BLUE-5 printer today. As one of my 1st projects after setup/shakedown, I’d like to print a logo with a black base and gray lettering.

On advice from this site, I’m trying IdeaMaker as a slicer.

I have zero knowledge of 3d printing, what is the best way to do the filament change at a precise point in the print job? is this something the slicer inserts in the g-code? or do I just print two models, one on top of the last? No clue how to do this. Thanks!

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You should probably be able to change your filament using the “Filament Settings” tab. so print on a new layer by changing a couple of settings.
u will need to set up the print job to pause at the desired layer for the filament change. You can do this by inserting a “Pause at Height” command in the G-code.
Here’s how to do it:
Click on the “Advanced Settings” tab in IdeaMaker.
Click on the “G-code” tab. Find the line that says “Layer Change G-code”.
In the text box next to “Layer Change G-code”, insert the following command:
M0 ; Pause print
Replace “Layer Change G-code” with “Layer 5 G-code” (or whichever layer you want to pause at). Save your settings and export the G-code file for printing.
i hope this helps, lemme know how it goes