Creality Ender 3 S1 Pro Review: The Ultimate Ender 3

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I had a really nice experience with the Creality Ender 3 S1 and it’s been one of my favorite printers of 2022 until now. But I was a bit disappointed in some of the hardware choices done by Creality. Well, now I know why some of those features were held…

A major feature which I would purchase this printer for is its hot end capabilities; poly carbonate printing is to my knowledge now possible with the S1 Pro’s all metal Sprite extruder, as far as I am aware? Although I dont see it listed in this article as a supported filament type. Is there any references or articles which pertain to printing with polycarbonate filament (possibly on the lower temperature spectrum of PC filament types) which demonstrate the S1 Pro’s performance with PC filament?

You can print PC with the Ender 3 S1 but you need an enclosure for it, to trap the heat inside.
There’s slim chances of printing it successfully without it.

I have the S1 Pro and the abl is not working.

When I manually level the bed the first layer is fine but when I use abl after that the results are worse, espacially in the corners.

I saw a couple of people online having the same issues.

Can you comment anything on that?


For me, it worked great.
Are you using the official firmware? Can you give some example of worse results around the corners?

Thanks for the reply. Hm its weird that it works for you. Yes, I am using the offical firmware.

Like I said, after manually leveling I get a pretty consistent first layer test.
After I use ABL and run a first layer test the results look like the nozzle is too far away from the bed in some areas and too close to the bed in others.

These pictures kinda show the inconsistencies I was experiencing.

Uploading: first layer.jpeg…
first layer 2

I think it might be caused by the PEI sheet and where the CR-touch pin drops when probing.
The textured sheet has an uneven surface. So maybe the probe points have different Z offsets depending on where it touches.
First, try flipping the sheet and level again. Maybe it helps

Thanks for the idea unfortunately it did not help.

Could it be caused by an uneven V-slot wheel on the print head?
Are you doing it like this? (but of course, with the options from the touchscreen)