Creality Ender 3 S1 VS Artillery Sidewinder X2 VS Biqu BX

I am looking for new printer as a beginner.
I want a good printer that will last long and I won’t have to buy upgrades from the start.

the printers that I got my eyes on are:
• Creality Ender-3 S1
• Artillery Sidewinder-X2
• Biqu BX

Out of these 3 I would recommend… The Ender 3 s1 primarily, but only from a place with a good return policy as Creality sometimes (too often) sends broken units, so you’ll want the access to an actual customer support (which Creality also does not have).
Banggood would be my go to recommendation for that as their service is top notch.
The X2 is good too but it has way too many units shipping with broken leveling probes, which causes people to find themselves with paperweights until a replacement probe is shipped to them.


If you are fine with the S1 build volume, then it’s a great purchase.
The BX is also a nice printer but depends on how expensive it is.

I am buying it my country, and it comes with 1 year warranty, and it is in stock.
the prices are (converting to USD):
Creality Ender-3 S1 = 608.09 USD
Artillery Sidewinder-X2 =669.20 USD
Biqu BX = 641.40 USD

The BX is better equipped, so you might want to go with that if you plan to use a Raspberry Pi and take advantage of the awesome touchscreen. It also has RGB and 0.9 stepper motors.

But for a total beginner, the S1 might be a bit easier to use. Still, 610USD for an Ender is too much…

bloody hell, those prices are insane, where are you from?

From Israel.

I can get the S1 from Banggood for 500$ including shipping&tax,
But for 100$ more i prefer to have someone that i can talk to and get replacement parts if needed fast and not wait for them 30 days to arrive.

oh I see, no benefit of having local aliexpress warehouse for you :slightly_frowning_face: , I can see Ender-3 S1 for 400$ delivered but only from local warehouses like EU/US/China etc.

Make sure you check that possibility in advance. Because they might not have spares for the S1 right now. Not even large shops have them in stock.

I also have leveling problems with artillery x2 you tell me what I have to replace you speak of probe what would it be? can you make me understand which would be the probe that I have to change please