Creality ender 3 stops while printing the first layer

I recently purchased a used Creality ender 3, but it did not work out of the box (I assembled it well outside the return window). After replacing the motherboard, it printed but the extrusion was terrible to the point something was definitely wrong. I replaced the extruder and extruder stepper motor and now it has decent first layer adhesion as well as seemingly okay extrusion (the extruder still makes a knocking noise and sometimes results in obviously bad prints, but that is a secondary issue I will address later). However, before finishing the first layer, the printhead will stop moving and the extruder will stop as well. The UI is unresponsive and I have to turn the printer off and then on again to do anything. I have tried drying my filament, loading new firmware (the latest compatible version of Marlin), and reslicing the file (a basic 3dbenchy and all-in-one- torture test). I have confirmed that both my slicer and printer settings are correct and match (I am using generic ABS, it was relatively cheap so I guess that could be the problem). I have done everything I can think of but nothing has worked.

i just today had a very similar problem. only defiance being old gcodes still worked it was only newly sliced files that would lock up … i updated cura to the newest update and resliced … my print has made it to the 3rd layer so far … i hope this helps you out.

update … it worked for that print but not the next one.