Creality Sonic Pad Review: Klipper Firmware with Compromises

Originally published at: Creality Sonic Pad Review: Klipper Firmware With Compromises | 3D Print Beginner

Klipper firmware is becoming more popular, and 3D printer manufacturers have already started making printers that run Klipper firmware out of the box. Creality came up with their own solution for adding Klipper to their existing printers, in the form of Creality Sonic Pad. This is a tablet-like device running…

excellent article as always, just one correction, CB1 with adapter would cost you less than $50 delivered, 7" HDMI screen around $40, if we add power adapter and USB adxl sensor we are talking about ~$110 so still $40-50 cheaper than creality pad :wink:

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Fysetc Portable Input Shaper
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On the other hand one has to understand that going DIY route cost some time and requires some basic knowledge so it’s not for everyone…

When you add the printed case for all, shipping, and the customs taxes you might need to pay, it’s close to the price of the Sonic Pad.

Still, this could have been a great thing for beginners, as long as the configs would be made well.
But the opportunity is lost. I can only hope they will work more on this, and not leave it to the community again…

FYI: Creality released a new firmware for the Sonnic Pad Nov. 2nd. It includes profiles for 7 more printers as well as support for Mainsail and 2-step input shaping (yay). They say it includes ssh access, but no idea if this means root. Will be checking it out later today…

Yes, I updated and I plan to share an update to the review too.
It’s nice to see they actually work on making it better as that doesn’t happen very often for them :smiley:

SSH yes, creality/creality is the u/p, but no root access. I am bummed, I was hopping to install PiVPN on it so I can remote into it when I am not home. I would also like to know what their pinout is on the accelerometer they provide with it…

in your opinion which is better flsun speeder pad os creality sonic? am absolutely new in klipper and i want to upgrade to kliper my flsun qqs pro im trying to find out the best choice to do it thats why im asking this thanks

The sonic pad is getting better and better every day, so it’s nice to see that Creality is actually doing the right thing this time and adding more printers.

I’d say that the Sonic Pad is actually worth it now, considering the new update and potential future additions. I also like the easy-to-use ADXL sensor, which makes it easy for me to do measurements on any printer with no complicated setup.

thanks for the answer, as i had mention i want to klipperize my flsun qqs-pro with the “sonic pad” cuz due of its electronics, feautures and updates i think the sonic is better choice than the speeder pad. there is a firmware to do it in github
BUT the process ask for a raspberry pi,
so im wondering if, this firmware will works with the sonic pad too and as well with other computers or “devices” runnin klipper under linux instead?.
at first glance it should works since as i see it the firmware for the printer is just the pin asigments but i rather to ask instead of suppouse, so please tell me what you think i will really appreciate it

i guess the real question here is if someone have hooked up any other non creality printer with klipper(factory configured or flashed) to the sonic pad, and if it works well just like that, just plug and play

So let me know if I am correct or wrong. The differences between the Sonic Pad and Pi Klipper is that the Sonic pad can send g code to the printer from a USB drive and the Pi Klipper can not. The touch screen for the Sonic pad is lower resolution. The Sonic pad can be connected with ethernet. Sonic pad is partially preloaded. (one less chance of a mistake for a nubie) Connecting a webcam is already set up on Sonic pad Pi needs an extension(?) Pi has better user interface? Pi has a faster speed? I probably am missing something. FYI I have a Ender 3 S1 Pro with glass bed and silicone bushings. I also have access to a Raspberry Pi4 for little or no cost. I am hesitant to upgrade after reading all the posts of people having trouble with the process. My brother could probably assist with the upgrade. (he is the source of the Pi) Thanks for your thoughts.

Hello. I am using my Ender S1 Pro with the Sonic Pad and would like to play a sound using the M300 command (play a sound before filament change). For this I need the [output_pin BEEPER_pin], which I don’t have (ar37, PB11, PC6 not working). How do I get there? thanks in advance

Do you think the Sonic Pad would work with the CR-10 Max? I would enjoy updating the firmware to Klipper, and maybe get some linear rails for it. However, it seems to be a printer Creality just dropped like a hot potato. No updates for the firmware and can’t even find the printer listed anywhere on their site now.
Thank you for your time!