Creality Sprite Pro Extruder Review: Full Upgrade Kit

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One of the hardware features which makes the Ender 3 S1 such a good machine is the Sprite Extruder and Creality is also selling this as an upgrade for other machines. In this article, we will check out the Creality Sprite Pro Extruder Full Upgrade Kit which is the all-metal…

The plastic body from regular sprite extruder can cause some problema?
Is it important to change to metal version?

I don’t think there’s a reason to change it. Maybe because if you print in an enclosure, but even then, the plastic should withstand it.

Purchased the sprite kit for my Creality 3 Pro. It is installed easily, but when the extruder is attached (using the four screws provided) it is turning about 4 degrees clockwise (left side pulls away), so it is not square with the backboard. It appears the mounting arm is bent to the right. New out of the box.

Is this able to be retrofitted. to a cr-10 smart, and if so any tutorials?

You should be able to install it on any printer, as long as you wire it correctly.
But I have no guide for that unfortunately

Put it in a vise to make it square. This should not be required with a new product.

I am also planning to install it on a CR10V3. The first problem I see is actually the long cable, 1.3m or so.You end up with 80cm of slack if you connect it the same way as the original one is. I am thinking about just cutting it the right size and connect it the same way as the genuine one(when/if i get it eventually). Does anyone has a good idea?

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