Cube 3d Printer Full kit , Quality?

Hello folks I found this Cube 3d Printer Full kit on aliexpress -
I dont worry about price but worry more about quality, does anyone have any exp… with that one?

Hi, yes, I built one myself and still using it, a year ago I would say defo go for it, these days if you don’t need that big print volume there are better printers for similar money, it still great machine but need some tweaks, mainly new board with stepper drivers and 2 new motors, they work fine but are very noisy, also it depends if you just need a good printer or you really wanna build one yourself, if you decide to buy it consider the metal kit with it, extra $120 but well worth it, if you are from EU there’s better deal from local warehouse so you don’t need to pay VAT and import duties, metal kit , any questions just shoot…