Dead Artillery SW X2

I have an Artillery Sidewinder X2 printer. Because there was a problem with replacing the filament during printing. After several articles, I decided to upgrade the TFT, which was supposed to introduce support for the M600 command, but it did not help and even worsened the condition of the printer. The problems I saw were:
Black TFT screen, reset after loading the Artillery logo, inability to level the table, no icons on the screen. I downloaded the official version of TFT from the Artillery website, it doesn’t help, there are still problems, interestingly, after each installation there is a different one. I decided to install Klipper, everything was going well until connecting to the printer.
After connecting via pronterface, the printer was online, after issuing the m997 command, errors and a message that the printer would be disconnected appeared in the window on the right. From this moment on, the pronterface does not connect to the printer. I made a jumper between Boot and +3.3v pronterface still does not connect to the printer, I ran STM32CubeProgrammer which found the printer but every attempt to install the firmware ends in failure, I get the message Error: Data mismatch found at address 0x08000004 (byte = 0x05 instead of 0x75) Error :Download verification failed). I don’t know what else I can do to start the printer or restore the store condition.