Ender 3 pro cr touch problem

  • ender 3 pro:
  • cura:
  • micro swiss ng extruder with cr touch:
  • I changed to original extruder and hotend with a new micro swiss ng direct drive with new e steps that came with it and added my original cr touch to it when i got it all done and back up running i noticed it when it would try to probe the bed with cr touch it would drop down in same spot it always does in the middle of bed i know it not the exact middle after that it moves to the left like it suppost to to start probing the bed with the 25 probe point but when it starts on the left it probing off the edge of bed and doest go and where from there but if i hold my finger under it on that side ever time it comes to left side to probe it goes on to the end but i have to keep doing it all way up the left side till it done i have been reading and watch videos for day to figure it out and cant i seen where someone said measure probe to nozzle but not understanding that and also seen people say put number in but where??? iam very new to this some one said add it to cure but where and what number???also wpould like to addit to my machine motherboard insted of only putting in cure also i do have the 4.2.7 mother board installed i hope this is enough info for someone to help me and break it down in terms i can understand thanks in advance for help:
  • i updated estep i probed z offset to fine tune it leveled bed many times iam using pla filament: