Ender-3 v2 NEO stuck on bootup creality screen

Hey all.
So im fairly new to the 3d printer hobbie. I bought my printer only 2 months ago and already have had to buy new hot end, changed my original extruder to a direct drive. And just before that my screen froze on the boot up creality screen. Ive looked up all the way to update firmware, ive reformatted my sd card (quick and long version) several different cards. Tried new screen firmware. My main concern is when I turn on my printer I dont ever see a loading bar. Not ever. So what does that mean to you who know these printers? Im guessing my motherboard got damaged?? This all happened after 2 times a print didnt stick to my heat bed and it just clogged up my hot end, nozzle all of it was super clogged. Thats why I ended up just replacing it all hopeing that would fix my screen issue?? Ive unplugged my thermister, hot end and a few other things from the motherboars to see if I could target where the issue was. But it still just turnsbon tobthe creality screen, the numbers apear at the lower section, but stops thereā€¦ HELP!!!