Ender 6 Direct Drive Conversion with BIQU H2 Extruder

Originally published at: Ender 6 Direct Drive Conversion With BIQU H2 Extruder | 3D Print Beginner

In my Ender 6 review, I mentioned that having a direct drive extruder could improve the printer speed and quality. So, designed an Ender 6 direct drive mount and converted the printer by using the excellent BIQU H2 extruder. Why convert the Ender 6 to direct drive? I previously covered…

So I configured everything according to the guide, however I’m unable to get my extruder to work. It does nothing when I send the extrude gcode command to it. I’m certain I have it wired correctly so I don’t know what the issue is. Do you have any idea how I can figure out what’s going on?>

Have you set the hotend temperature to ~200C before extruding?
The extruder will not work with a cold hotend