Ender 6 wont Boot up

  • Ender 6:
  • Creality Slicer:
  • 4.3.1 Board i think:
  • Ender 6 wont get passed Start screen:
  • **Ive tried reflashing with new firmware from the creality website a couple times. changing the name of the firmware each time. Checked all wiring to make sure all connections are solid. **:

Ive reflashed both firmware and DWIN Set.

At first I would try to analyze if it’s your mainboard or your screen/board which is faulty.

You could try to connect your PC to your printer’s mainboard via USB and use Pronterface Software (https://www.pronterface.com/) to see if it’s responding to Marlin G-Code commands (Gcode | Marlin Firmware).
You could also try to print not from the SD-Card, but via PC and a direct USB connection (I know it’s possible, but never done it before) to make sure the mainboard is really okay.

Not sure how to test the screen and it’s board.