Fillament not coming out properly

  • 3D Printer Model: Ender 3 max neo
  • Slicer: cura
  • Hardware Setup:
  • Problem description: I had to replace my hot end because it got too gunked up. replaced the entire unit. I made sure the fillament would come out when pushed through and manually with the extruder control. The fillament will come out fine for the little test strip it lays down but then wont for the skirt or the actual print when the print begins. I resliced, turned it off and on again and it began to print but then material quit coming out half way through the print. I am confused what the issue is because i can see the extruder moving the fillament. Ill attatch a photo below.

Looks like you are printing too close to the heatbed and tou need to level the bed a bit better

I had the same thing with my Ender 3v2, woke up to a big ball caked on my hot end. Replaced the hot end with an original replacement and setup everything only to see it begin to print then just stop no filament.

I gently held the filament to see if the extruded was doing its job and sure enough it was slipping.

Replaced it with a Creality Sprite pro and CR Touch. My print jobs are higher quality.