Filtering used IPA

I don’t like wasting stuff, so I always like to reuse materials as much as possible. I bought a water filtering cup, and poured the used IPA from my Anycubic Wash and Cure Plus.

Filtering IPA (1)

From a cloudy and murky IPA it turns into clear IPA. It’s not like a brand new bottle, but still very usable.
Filtering IPA (2)
Filtering IPA (3)

FYI alcohol is extremely hygroscopic and the alcohol percentage drops significantly. So that cup you have there isn’t worth much any more.

I restore motorcycles (when I have time). And struggle a lot with this issue. Due to newer fuels containing ethanol. Ethanol converts into water when exposed to air for to long. So if you leave modern fuels in your gastank or carburator for like 3 months. you get all sorts of issue’s as engines don’t run on water. (for now…)

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I agree, but the IPA isn’t sitting too much in that cup. In less than 20 minutes the cup is full and I need to pour it in a bottle.

Update: I was able to filter about 8 liters of IPA.
After about 5L, the filter did not work as fast as when I started (resin was building up inside) but overall, this was a success.
I will post more information when I try this again.