First layer never gets right

Printer: Creality 10S Pro V2
Slicer: Creality Slicer
Hardware Setup: Default except for glass bed instead of default bed
Filament: Elegoo PLA 1.75 mm

Hi, hope to find some advice here on how to get the first layer right, it always ends up like shown in the picture below. The layers after the first one looks nice. I got this printer almost a year ago and have tried it now quiet many times, but have nobody to ask for advice.

What I tried: Many different temperature settings for both filament and printer bed, fan off and on etc. first with default settings and then with both lower temperatures and higher temperatures in different ranges. But it still will look like in the picture.

First layer usually looks like this:

That looks like the hotend is printing too high on the first layer

Hi, thanks for your reply. Do you mean that the printer bed probably is to hot?

No, I think that you will need to re-level your bed and set the correct Z offset.

But the printer does a full round of measures before every print, in 25 points or so. And I have also tried a lot to get the nozzle as close as possible to the bed. I have used as much as 1.52 mm in negative z adjustment for the nozzle. I think it helps a bit but not enough.

By levelling, you mean the manual adjustment of getting the bed completely horizontal? Since the printer does a full set of Z measurements before every print can that really matter very much?

Yes, you need to first manually level the bed and ensure the nozzle is at the same distance on all four corners.
After you do that, you perform the auto bed leveling process and then set the Z offset.

Try to manually level the bed and look at z offset if you think that is something that might help

Just remember the cr touch is just checking for small deviations in the bed height. You still need to set the difference between the cr touch zero point and where the nozzle is.
Bed levelling and z-offset is 2 different things.
If you look at the probe in auto levelling you will see that the nozzle is still a couple mm off the bed when the probe retracts/sets it’s zero points.
This is going to be the z-offset distance.