Flexible spool holder

This is my variation of the flexible spool holder, I have it installed on 2 printers and so far it works well, sure it could be modified further but I wanted to keep it simple and be able to attach it to any extrusion from any angle (side, front, top), any questions just ask…

how it looks on 2 different printers


what is required top of the printed parts:
Hex bolt M8x90mm
2x 8x16x5 bearings
3x washer M8 - 1 goes under the locking nut and 2 between spool holder and the mount
1x M8 locking nut
2x M5x10 bolts and 2x M5 T-nuts to secure the mount to the extrusion

tighten the locking nut to the point the holder doesn’t wobble on the bolt but holder itself still rotating freely, depends on tolerances and seams you might need to screw/unscrew holder with nut couple of times before the nut start to move freely on the holder thread

stl files

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