FLSUN hot end issues

Hello to all you FLSUN V400 users out there. I have recentyl purchased a FLSUN V400 and love operating and watching it print, and have produce a beautiful model car with it, but lately I have been having one serious issue with it. I have had the hot end nozzle clogged, and when I say clogged, I mean clogged! The latest print starts out well, lays down the first layer after tweaking it a bit. Settings are as follows. Temp: 210°, Speed 60%, (slowed it down for this print), fan 100%, Bed temp 60°. Produces those first several layers just fine. I leave to let it run it’s course for a hour or so, come back to find a huge ball of melted filament stuck to the hot end and being dragged around the build plate. (See attached pic.)

It destroyed my first hot end, so I had to buy another and it has happened again. Hopefully I can salvage this one. Please someone, I need solutions. If not, returning this thing and getting my money back.