FLSun Speeder Pad password

My printer is an FLSun SUperRacer (SKR 1.3 clone motherboard) running Klipper on an FLSun Speeder Pad. The printer runs fine and everything works. For those unfamiliar with the Speeder Pad, it is a color touch screen packaged with a Raspberyy Pi clone that runs the Klipper firmware.

My problem is I can’t make an SSH connection to the Speeder Pad using MobaXterm because the pad rejects the password I give it. The default password for Speeder Pad’s is flsun, all lower case. That’s the password I’ve given it. To ensure the password is correct I reloaded the Speeder Pad’s firmware using the FLSun source, and I still have the password rejected. SO I don’t think reloading the pad’s firmware again will solve my problem.

No one on any of the FLSun Facebook groups seems to have a resolution for this. So I’m posting here with the hope that someone who knows about Klipper etc. may have a suggestion on what I should do.

Same exact issue here. Any luck?

Regrettably I don’t remember what I did to fix the problem. It was just 1 little thing, but there have been so many of those I am unable to recall what it was.

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ok figured it out:

You cant SSH until you flash the pad with the version in their guide. Then temporarily its user: pi pass:flsun (change it after as instructed). I cant add the link here, this site is restricting me. :frowning:

That sounds right - so congrats to you. I knew it was something simple.