FYSETC Voron Trident Kit Discussions

I just received the FYSETC Voron Trident Kit to review, and I thought it would be a good opportunity to have a thread where we can discuss it.

I am currently printing the parts in Polymaker RED ASA, and I will start the assembly this weekend.
Feel free to ask questions about the kit, and information you would like to see covered in the article.

Sneak peek about some of the package contents. Everything is laid out nicely and at first glance, it feels like a quality kit. But time will tell.

FYSETC Voron Trident Kit Review - Packaging (3)
FYSETC Voron Trident Kit Review - Packaging (4)


The weekend was pretty productive, and the Voron Trident from FYSETC is partially assembled. I am still printing some parts, but I hope by the end of the week to start wiring.

The documentation is not perfect, but pretty great. Much better than the V-Core build guide.

Voron Trident Build (1)
Voron Trident Build (2)
Voron Trident Build (3)
Voron Trident Build (4)

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Great prints also. What printer are you using for that ABS to come out so nice?

A Raise3D E2. But I am also printing parts on the Prusa Mini Clone.
It’s not really the printer, but the filament and the slicer settings :slight_smile:

During the VORON assembly, I’m constantly thinking “Damn, I’ll never be as smart as the guys who designed this printer, and made everything fit so well”.
Now, I reached the point where I need to attach the skirt with the fans with double-sided tape.

Come On Reaction GIF by MOODMAN

I understand that the tape might be an insulator for the fan vibration, but still…

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are you done with your Voron build? seeing your print result it looks excellent

Yes. The review will be up this weekend hopefully.
It’s been a great experience.

The review is up:

VORON Trident FYSETC Kit Review: Is it worth it?

You’ve already finished building it? Common, from a picture of unboxing to some 3d printed close ups and now its already finished. Where were our dopamine triggering progress pics :sweat_smile:

I shared some pictures on social media too. But it seems that I’m not good at teasing :))


I hope this one comes out as expected.

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