Help: Ender 5 BL Touch not working

  • Ender 5:
  • Cura:
  • Unknown:
  • I am totally new to 3D printing. I bought a used Ender 5 from a ham radio flea market. It looks in very good condition. I powered it up and tried “Home” and “Auto Level”. X and Y axis go to home positions and stop. In 'Z Home", “Auto Home” or “Auto Level” the base plate comes up and runs into the extruder nozzle and tries to keep going making sounds like gear or belt teeth are jumping. Old Z Stop switch missing and BL Touch unit never lights up or deploys probe.:
  • checking that plugs are secure.:

Problem solved. After some research I took off the bottom cover and found a loose plug. After further research I found where the plug went. Problem solved! BL touch now working!