Help with new BluerPlus for total newbie

  1. I received my Bluer Plus direct from TwoTrees today. it appears to NOT be a BLU-5 or BLUE-5, but an original Bluer Plus. I was expecting a BLUE-5 with the upgrades

I’m COMPLETELY new to 3d printing, so I have questions:

  1. I’ve got it set up, but when I go to print one of the samples the printing is above the bed, even though I’ve done the autolevel multiple times. The included sample prints the first layer WAY above the bed. how do I fix this?

  2. Is there a full calibration procedure or video I can follow to (manually) level the bed, set zero, etc?

  3. As with many others i’ve seen online, the gantry fell apart in shipping, so I had to reassemble it. How do you level the x axis arm?

  4. Is there a z axis limit switch in addition to 3D touch? where is it?

6: The nozzle does not protrude much from the hotend - it is almost flush with the rubber boot on the heating block. Is that correct, and if not what is the correct way to adjust it?

Thanks for any guidance you can provide a newbie.