Hotbed question

  • 3D Printer Model: ins basis een Geeetech G2s mini PRo, but there is very few left of the oroginal configuration.
  • Slicer: Prusa
  • Hardware Setup: current: PCB heater + Aluminium printbed
  • Problem description: notsure what to use as printbed config.
  • What I tried:

Hello I am rebuilding an old 3D printer that was in basis crap.
And am basically attacking every problem i knowof and upgrading it with the best options i have for a fair amount of money.

List of upgrades:

  1. Frame: build and external frame around, making it really sturdy, keepingthe original dimensions except adding a few cm to the Z axis.
  2. better timing belt (steel wires) and better pullies.
  3. keeping the same nema 41 stepper motors for timing belt and extruders.
  4. Dual Drive Gear extruder (SA plusreprap, a clone but “better” then general clone)
  5. PSU a 24V 500w PSU
  6. board MKS Robin nano V3.1 + 2209 stepper drivers and auto/off switch board.
  7. Marlin 2.1.2
  8. dual Hotend: Red lizards K1 V6 Hotend Bi-Metal (a Red dragon clone) with copper heat block +
  9. Ptfe-gecoate Cht Nozzle.
  10. Bigtreetech Smart Filament Sensor Btt Sfs V1.0
  11. filament cleaners
  12. BLTouch V2
  13. Ceramic heaters (up to 500 degrees)
  14. thermistor (up to 600 degrees)

but I am bit confused hotbed wise:
I ordered a 24V silicon heating pad (0.4W/cm), I plan to keep the aluminium bed, as this is setup for the levelling setup (the screws and springs parts, not the BLtouch sensor), I can use these on a glass bed (no through holes).

I did also order:
1: borosilicated glass plate
2: a dual sided PET / PEI sheet with magnetic pad.

now I have two options.

  1. stick the sticker on the aluminium bed, so i can use either PEI /PET sheet or the glass sheet.
  2. stick the sticker on the (back) of the glass sheet and turn it over to use the PEI /PET sheet.

both have there pro’s and cons in my head.

  1. the glass sheet is flat… so this will benefit the flatness of the sheet VS a cheap Alubed,but rurning it over could damage the glass part.
  2. Alu bed will be less flat. but I can use the sheet without the glass, so the heat will get through better.

Anyways any thoughs on this the best setup for the heatbed and or other stuff would be much appreciated. !!

additionally i will use a glass bead thermistor. but i will drill a smal hole in the center (not through though) of the alu bed en place the sensorin the alubed itself, securing it with a little screw.


Additional Change:
15) Liniear bearings from metal to plastic, with lightweight plastic mounts and nylon bolts, drastically decreasing the weight of the cradle, decreasing the load on the stepper motors (hopefully inreasing reaction speed) decreasing source of resonance in the system.