How can I acheive better cooling on FLSUN SR?

Hello, I have a FLSUN Super Racer with MKS Nano Robin V3 board. I am trying to get up to 300mm/s print speed. I am very very close, but I’m struggling with sufficient part cooling. Upgrades I’ve done are as follows.

Klipper with fluidd
Dual 5015 fans rated at 8+ cfm from TH3D
Sherpa Mini DD extruder
All metal, bi-metal heat break in the OEM volcano clone hotend
I am using a housing designed to fit the sherpa and the 5015 fans, as well as fun ducts from thing 4926469

What more can I do to achieve better part cooling? I know there are larger fans out there, but I don’t know if they would interfere with the arms.