How to Install Klipper on Sidewinder X2: Config and Setup

Thank you very much for this guide, my printer is so silent and so smooth now!

Here is a couple of notes I took that might help improve the guide:

  1. ERROR mcu ‘mcu’: printer.cfg → line 86 serial: some_wrong_port → use the output of ls /dev/serial/by-id/* (solution)
  2. When printing → cant open file → in printer.cfg → line 122 → change path to ~/printer_data/gcodes
  3. Option max_accel_to_decel in section printer is ==deprecated== and will be removed in a future release. → Configuration Changes - Klipper documentation → just remove it (it will use default values for minimum_cruise_ratio)
  4. Change your slicer settings gcode flavour to Klipper
  5. Make sure to calibrate your probe Z axis → klipper console → input PROBE_CALIBRATE and adjust height until a paper passes with a little friction between the nozzle and the bed*

*If when calibrating the probe you go to negative values, it will throw an error, just increase a lot the probe z value in printer.cfg and run the calibration again, klipper will update the value with the correct one

highly appreciate the tip!