(I found I can buy a new board) Waggster mod Pins not on my board for BL Touch Artillery X1MKS V1.0

  • 3D Printer Model: Artillery Sidewinder x1
  • Slicer: Prusaslicer
  • Hardware Setup: MKS V1.0

I ended up just buying a new board and I will just swap the new board over, Then I will have a back up if anything should happen.

I am trying to install the BL Touch on my X1. I got it all mounted and following the Waggster mod (And even others) they all show to move the three ribbon cable to the 1sr row of 3 header pins. my board only has 2 pins in the spot. and then to move the black cable to the first pin the in Green connecter. my board does not have the pin at all. I will see if I can add a picture to show what I am talking about. But without these pins is there another way to add the BL Touch? I’m trying to get the auto bed leveling as the center of my bed has a dip in it. Enough that even when you have the other corners set the center does not touch at all. The photo is a screen capture of the video I am using but the circle is the pin that is missing completely. The blue line is the row that only has 2 pins on it and not 3 like every other board I have seen online. Any help would be great thanks!