I have problems with muy 3D resin printer, I need help

  • 3D Printer Model: Elegoo Mars Pro 2
  • Slicer:
  • Hardware Setup:
  • Problem description: It makes a strange noise when I press the “home” button, sounding “clack” twice while readjusting. Moreover, when I place a sheet of paper between the screen and the printing platform, I feel that the platform is not level; it’s easier to pull out the sheet from the right side than the left side, and I’m not sure if the issue is with the vertical axis. When I place the paper and lift the print platform a few millimeters, it exerts more pressure on the left side than on the right. The paper slides out more easily from the right side than from the left. Additionally, I tried printing the default designs on the printer, the towers that resemble chess pieces. One of them, on the right side (where the paper exerts less pressure during calibration), did not print at all; the first layer got stuck to the FEP. The second tower on the left did print, but the base was deformed. I have a flexible steel magnetic board, but that hasn’t given me any problems so far. I don’t know if I have to remove it and replace it, even thought I’ve only used it for a few months, or if the problem is with the vertical axis or the printing plataform.
  • What I tried: I’ve calibrated it multiple times in different locations. I slightly loosen two screws (trigger piece of the limit switch) that are in the vertical axis and it stopped making the clack sound, but still have the problem with the pressure in the printer plataform
    If you know what should I do I would really appreciate it if you offer me any solutions using simple english words and terms as english is not my mother tonge. Thank you again :smile: