I would like prushaslicer profile for easythreed k7 who can help?

Okay i picked up one of these printers for $50 the easythreed k7, after some fiddling I got it goin pretty good and been havein fun with it.
look at this wiggley guy

yeah, that’s pretty cool, anyway, I have been usein the Cura slicer as the printer came with a profile for it, I played around with Prushaslicer and found some advantages with it. The issue is I attempted to manually create a profile for my printer for Prusha by copying the setting from Cura and this resulted in the print nozzle crashing into the print bed and pumping out plastic so what I gotta do here because ¯_(ツ)_/¯?

here is a link to the cura easythreed k7 profile included with my printer from the manufacturer.
filedotio 0Fu8NEXHQ0AT

this is the wiggly guy referenced in op btw