I'm a newbie, how to choose a printer?

Hey everyone, I am a newbie who is not very familiar with 3D printers. I recently wanted to buy a 3D printer, but there are too many choices on the market, which makes me a little confused. Therefore, I would like to ask experienced friends, how to choose a printer that suits you?

First, I would like to know what factors should be considered when choosing a printer? Is print speed or print quality more important? Or are there other factors that need to be considered?

Secondly, I want to tell you something about me. I am a learner and enthusiast of 3D design. I usually like to design some interesting handicrafts or small hand models. I usually use modeling software such as Blender and a 3D scanner to help me model. But these are digital models stored in computers. Over time, I came up with the idea of printing them out and turning them into actual small objects to decorate my desktop or room.

So I would like to use this platform to consult with you on how to choose a suitable scanner. My main purpose is to print some small objects that I made myself, such as some small animation or game character models. So I want to buy an entry-level printer, the price should be controlled within 400 US dollars, and I hope it can be adapted to the chitubox slicing software I use.

Thank you very much for your help and suggestions! I really need your experience and input to help me make informed decisions. If you have any suggestions or insights about choosing a printer, please feel free to share them! Thank you so much!