Issue with ABL sensor

Since 2 weeks the ABL sensor is blinking blue in 1 second intervals. At power-up or hard reset the ABL sensor is initializing (out-in-out-in) but once I start a print or do a Z home it doesn’t come out and hence the extruder crashes into the print bed. :frowning:

I exchanged already the ABL sensor and the extruder board and Even the ribbon cable (flat cable) but no success. 5V power is present at the ABL sensor.

Does anyone have an idea what could be the cause? What else could I try?

Artillery support is not very helpful so far… and googling didn’t drop out to many result regarding blue flashing ABL.

Thanks for any help and advice!

Cheers, Michael

I would just replace the whole thing… I mean, getting a new sensor from ANTCLABS or whatever, but not from Artillery !

I would start looking into the possibility of replacing it because the stock one does not seem to be something you can rely on.