Issues with setup and test print

Hi all,

I am just starting 3d printing and have hit a snag earlier than I expected. I got an anycubic 3d printer, set it up, levelled it and tried the test print (2 owls) on the sd card that came with it. And it started. Except what started happening was the filament came out and just formed around the nozzle. It didn’t seem to want to stick to the bed. When it does eventually stick it tends to be in lumps and then the nozzle pushes it off again when it comes around. I tried leveling it a few times and tweaking the temps but I’m not really sure what is best to begin with. So, I was hoping someone with a bit more experience could point me in the direction of the likeliest cause of the problem so I can narrow it down a bit.

I am using PLA and tried the bed temp at 50 and 60 as well as the filament temps at 190, 200 and 230.

It says on the reel to use 200-230 and I read online 50 for the bed using pla but the printer loves changing it back to 190/50. If anyone knows how to stop an anycubic printer doing that too it would be appreciated.

I have made a short 22s clip showing the last printing attempt

If the printer keeps changing temperature back to 190/50 this is probably because these are the temperatures that you have set in the slicer and thus, stored in the g-code.


  1. Level your bed !

  2. Clean printing surface with soapy dish water to get rid of all the grease it may have.

  3. Print at 200º hotend / 60º bed (PLA) but increase first layer printing temperature to 205º and decrease first layer printing speed to 20mm/sec.

  4. Layer fan OFF for the first 3 layers.

  5. 70% layer fan speed.

It’s definitely level. I used a spirit level to check. Camera angle was just bad. Does the height seem ok?

I’ll do the cleaning for sure and the temp changes, I guess that’s something I should do in the slicer software not on the printer itself? Since you mentioned that’s likely what’s resetting it. Any you’d recommend for linux?

Orca Slicer.

All the information regarding the printing process is stored in the so called “gcode” file. Instead of using an existing one, create your own but take into account that you will need the 3d model in order to slice it and then, send it to the printer.