Klipper setup issues

  • anycubic vyperl:
  • cura:
  • 0.4mm nozzle, rasp pi 4, running klipper, mainsailos,klipper screen:
  • all sorts of config issues:

Hello all, glad to have found this site. The guide I followed here to setup the anycubic vyper was by far the most helpful. Most guides just assume you know too much, and leave gaping holes in instruction. I spent 24 hours straight setting up and troubleshooting.

I have my printer mostly working properly. It responds to all commands. the problem I am facing right now is setting up cura properly to export something klipper will be happy with. I cant figure out custom macros either. I have the default ones enabled by following some klipper docs. But I cant get the right code to put in start and end both in klipper config and in cura. Ive tried all sorts of gcode_macro start and end commands. Nothing works right. klipper just says the command is unrecognized. I just want to get this thing doing a nice little extrude, run along the x axis and wipe away the extruded filament as a prime sequence etc. Oh also, it doesn’t home prior to starting the print on its own either. so I think a config file is messed up right? I don’t know I’ve looked at so much code in the past 2 days that my brain is blurry. Could anyone point me at some guides I haven’t looked at possibly?