LGX Lite Installation

Hopefully I’ll be installing my LGX Lite onto my Klipperized Ender 3 V2 this weekend. Has anyone used this extruder yet? Currently I have an EZR Struder and the stock motor, so this will be some significant size and weight savings. I didn’t like the Hero Me Gen6 mount for it as it puts the motor in the front. I found a mount that is used to convert an Orbiter to the LGX Lite and that will have the nice logo and large gears more visible. I also like it because it moves some of the weight back over the X rail instead of hanging off as much over the front. I’ll post some before and after pics.

not installed yet so can’t comment on print quality but I did swap the original heavy LDO motor to the same power lighter version I bought earlier for my orbiter project, I just gotta make JST PH2.0 to XH2.54 conversion cable for it

Got it installed. I had to design an intermediate Plat to mount it with the logo and gears facing out. There is a design for the Hero Me for this extruder, but it has the motor facing out. I initially dropped Vref too far and was getting skipping. I’ve got it back up high enough to not skip while also staying cool. E steps look good at the Bondtech numbers for Klipper. Just starting to go through dialing in flow and evaluating other things like retraction. Very happy with it so far. I live the lever for unloading and setting pretension.