Lifting back of model , models getting loose

Hi all,

I face a problem in my model.

While i’m printing, the back is lift up.

Can you tell le what is going wrong?

This is causing the prior models to lose.

Doenst matter if it is wood pla or nirmal pla

Kind regards


I don’t know what the problem is, but I do know of a fix: change your slicer settings from Skirt to Brim. The brim will help hold down the corners of the print. This is what I had to do to fix it. I use Cura 5.3.1 slicer. =Ed in Ohio=

Hi, yes i use brim a lot, but even with a bril i have building courners lifting up!

Thx for the advice!

Make sure your bed is property leveled and clean, you can also add glue to the bed to make it stick better.

Tha was the case, i have a pei bed, and when I turned it, I autoleveled once more, and alcohol cleaned , the issued dissapaired! lost me some wood, but failing forward…

thnx for the tip, really appriaciated. starting 3d printer here…

Glad I could help! It’s always important to keep that bed level! Bed leveling video