Longer idle time when pre heating

Running klipper with mainsail. How do I increase the idle time when preheating the bed.
My bed heater is also part of my enclosure heating. However Klipper shuts it down after 10 minutes when not printing. I can’t find this in any config file.

Yes, I know I can add some idle time in the Gcode before beginning the print. But for my use it would be more practical if I could pre heat the enclosure before starting the print.

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I think this is what you’re looking for. Just paste it into the config and change the timeout value.

#timeout: 600
#   Idle time (in seconds) to wait before running the above G-Code
#   commands. The default is 600 seconds.

Thank you, I know I can put this in the Gcode, but I’m looking into manually preheating the bed without starting a print.

Do you really need to keep the bed turned on for more than 10 minutes?
Everybody says that you need to pre-heat the enclosure, but I found out that you can print ASA/ABS without that. Especially on such a small printer.

Well its for the SX1 with the large enclosure. 10mins of preheat with the lamp added gets it to 35C. 30 mins gets it to +50C. The result is no more warping when doing wider prints. But I have to remember to press the preset button every 10 mins. Or, I could indeed put that idle time out in the GCode. However I like to keep an eye on the first layer and with the idle time I have to set like an alarm to tell me when it starts to go check. Dilemma dilemma.

I don’t think Fral3mega was suggesting putting that in the Gcode. You can put that in your printer.cfg file and then remove the hashtag before timeout. From there you can change the time to whatever you want. I have done this on my printer and it works just like you are looking for.

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awesome thanks, I’ll try that.