Meet Harry, he lives under the stairs

Artillery SX1
Alu bed with garolite, glass or PEI spring sheet depending on application.
Bi-metal hotend
Waggster mod with self designed BLT holder (closer to the nozzle)
printed Z-axis reinforcements
Smart filament sensor (currently not working as I recently moved to mainsail instead of octo)
Klipper on a Pi3B+

Its sitting on some homemade shelve wedged between the walls. All the sides are isolated to use it as an enclosure and to make the wife less annoyed when Harry is up all night making noise. Oh and yes there’s a big HEPA filter on top of the shelve as well.


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Nice setup. Does the sound insulation material actually help?

yes, behind the fabric on the sides there’s 30mm of recycled foam insulation. On the back there’s just a wall, which created an echo. I had those pyramid mats left over from another project and just wedged it on the back so the echo is gone. On the bottom there’s a rubber mat which does a good job dampening the resonance.

The shelve/enclosure can get up to 40C above the build plate, which is ok for ABS printing a small thing but big flat parts still tend to lift. I was gonna add a heater element, but being inspired by an IR heater in my garage, I decided to experiment with some IR lamps, too keep everything low budget.


Note too self: When putting your head inside the enclosure, don’t brush your hair against the IR lamp… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Probably the best note would be: “Don’t put your head inside the enclosure” :smiley:

Toasty! And only using 1 lamp.


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The controlled temperature enclosure is working great now.

ASA at 60mm/s outside perimeters. 40% Fan outside perimeters and 100% when bridging. No supports!

Klipper is also running fine, so I wanted to go the next step and add a ADXL345. After trying to find an easilly accessible position, I went overboard and redesigned a new fan and BLT setup. The top cover of the 4020 fan is now the cover/connection for the fan.

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wow , it’s really great