Models stick like glue to Ender 3 Pro with glass printbed

  • Ender 3 Pro:
  • Prusa and Cura:
  • Hardware Setup:
  • I am relatively new to 3D printing, having inherited an Ender 3 Pro from my son -in-law who was no longer using it. I purchased a glass print bed, but widish projects stick like glue and I damage far to many trying to separate them from the glass plate. My current setting is: PLA temp, 210, printed, 60 degrees c:
  • I have tried the naked glass, and I have put a layer of blue painters tape over the glass. This morning I printed two mobile phone charge bases (MagSafe charging disk to be inserted) both of which remained stuck to the blue tape on glass. After trying all the tricks I could think of, I used the supplied wide scraper against the foot of the model and hit it with a wooden mallet. What am I doing wrong?: