New printer does not work

  • 3D Printer Model: 3v3se
  • Slicer: ?
  • Hardware Setup:?
  • Problem description: when start up all seems ok reader screen comes on go to leveling head moves to center the to the left runs past the end of the table and shuts down. Call support said needs firmware updat download put usb drive in pc and pc sees drive but does nothing can not even send a file to it. as I said before just out of the box new thinking of sending it back.
  • What I tried:

That sucks, did you try another USB drive?

called support they said to update the firm ware looked all over for a microsd card I have about 50 cannot find one typical. Some folks on facebook say to return it since I bought it on amazon its quick . Now I am thinking about getting the Ender-3 V3 KE instead> Any thoughts on it?

If it’s trouble from the beginning, I would consider returning it too. Maybe have a look at the Neptune 4 too, can’t say too much since I only have it for a while now, but overall quality to price ratio was not bad. It seems almost like a copy to the Ender-3 to me.

I did it returned to amazon bought the 3v3ke liked the idea that its wifi and usb no longer sd cards

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