New to 3d printing

Looking to buy my first printer what would you all suggest filament or resin? Whats a good startup printer?

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I would suggest a FDM printer: ENDER 3 V3 SE / ENDER 3 V3

Another possibility would be FYSECT Prusa i3 MK3S clone but you would need to assemble it yourself and would probably need assistance…

For a beginner, I’d recommend starting with a filament-based printer like the Creality Ender 3. It’s affordable, user-friendly, and versatile. As for filament vs. resin, filament is easier to work with and offers a wider range of applications, making it a better choice for most beginners. It will be very unprofessional of you to do 3D printing without the use of enclosure. Actually, 3D printer enclosures(cabinets or chambers) help you to get ideal results and avoid many problems.

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